I don't want to lose any important thing in my life.
Yeah baby you are.



I hope you can hold me tight after I woke up from a nightmare.
and tell me, 'Baby it's alright. It was just a dream.'



today I 7:30 waked up.
eyes' area feel hot. and some salty liquid came out.
yeah. tears.
because i dreamed something bad. very bad. the worst nightmare i dreamed ever.
i don't dare to tell. because i so worried it's true.
i dreamed i cried until i fall asleep.
i hope after wake up all bad things will be gone.
after wake up and i saw my room's ceiling.
luckily it's just a nightmare.

and i listened my dad's voice outside.
i waked up to ensure all these just a nightmare.
normally i will continue to sleep but today no.
i very scare. really.
you can said me coward. it's okay. i admit that. i really scare.

i saw my dad. he's still there.
this help me to make all dream are just fake. i should be happy.
but my tears keep coming out. i can't stop them.
so far my eyes still in moist. and my ugly flat nose still in red colour.

i walked down stairs. mum shocked why today i wake up so early.
she felt more shocked after saw my eyes and nose are red.
'why you cry? what happened?'
this makes my tears more uncontrollable.

dad get shocked as well.
mum hug me. keep asking me for reasons. i said i make a nightmare. T^T
and i keep crying. lol like a kid.
i said my dream. well actually i don't really like to tell. because it's not a good thing.
mum comforted me, 'alright it's just a dream. don't mind it.'
dad asked why. but mum didn't tell, just said she did a nightmare.

i cried for a while.
i really can't afford if my nightmare is true.
may be you think,'just a nightmare? why you tell so long story?'
seriously i cant make it.
sorry i'm too fragile.

i hope i can being together with my family, my parents, my beloved, my friends
i don't wanna lose them. anyone.
I can't imagine how i continue my living if i lose them.




I know everything will gonna be alright.
But I can't stop my worry.



Ladies and gentlemen

That means 'I'm fond of handsomes and beauties.' :P
teehee :D

these days i worked but not so happy :(
yesterday i saw some friends.
i realised only friends or family can make my mood change better. :)
thanks so much to you all.




before get my SPM result
I went to SCM GC to work! (guess what I mean >,<)
tired but fun. :D





hmmm, these days sitting at home
except watch tv surf internet and sleep i really have nothing to do. LOL.
and i want to finish undang and license test ASAP.
i thought i can finish undang in this week. next week i have to go class trip (woah)
but i think i couldn't. :( cause mum's busy.
hmm. so maybe after trip? xD

and there's some edu fair in this month.
i will attend. for sure. but just worry i have nothing to ask. then i worry i gain nothing after come back from the fair. then just wast my time.
friends and parents ask me what's my interest? can i just leave it blank? :P
not because of i don't have interest, but just too much.
and here's a quote: 兴趣不能当饭吃. isn't it?
btw i have so much interest, i just can't confirm i must have a good future with them.
then how? i have no much time. i can't go test one by one.
then just gonna wait for die. :(